Frequently asked questions about photo sessions, planning, and rates.
Where are you located and where do you shoot?
I am based out of Pittsfield, MA and can travel to anywhere in New England and eastern New York. As most of my shoots are in abandoned buildings, traveling to locations is common.
Do the Angels in Ashes shoots cost anything?
No! Since this is a trade project, there's no charge for the shoot. You'll get at least ten -usually more - high quality edited shots which will also be published in the book series at the end of each year.
Are all of the photo shoots nude shoots?
While the Angels in Ashes project is typically a nude shoot, we want models to be comfortable shooting. If nudity isn't your thing, we also shoot topless, implied material, and really awesome paint shoots where we give the models paint to splatter all over themselves, which tends to cover things up nicely. Bottom line: Your comfort level is most important to us. Only do what you want. It's all up to you.
Where do the photos get posted?
Typically, I post photos to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, my website, and Tumblr. Any and all material being posted anywhere is always completely censored. I never post any uncensored images online anywhere, EVER.
Can I bring a friend to the shoot?
Of course! Just inform me ahead of time for proper planning. My photography assistant is Rosaliea Sebastino and can be found on Facebook under the same name if you want to look her up. She's incredibly friendly and really helpful with providing direction and assistance during photo shoots.
How long does a shoot last for?
Most of my shoots can start and finish in about two hours, although I don't limit the time often. When I schedule a shoot, I set aside an entire day for it, so if we're getting awesome shots, we can shoot all day!
What is the typical amount of time it takes to process, edit, and send out photos?
After each photo shoot, I like to get at least one photo edited and sent out to the client within the day. After that, photos are completed and sent out within two weeks, usually much sooner. The photos are placed into a zip file in a private section of my website, which the you will get a download link for.
Do I own the rights to the photos?
No. With any photo shoot, the photographer retains the copyrights and rights to reproduction.

** This means that anyone receiving photos cannot make prints or sell the photos. **

However, the client will receive a non-commercial license with the photos. This gives people the right to upload their photos to anywhere they choose to display them online, so long as they are not being sold.

Can I edit my photos?
No, clients may not edit the photos in any way other than to crop them for profile photos or uploading to social media sites such as Instagram as long as they don't apply filters.
What should I bring to a shoot?
Any clients modeling for nude, boudoir, or lingerie shoots must be over the age of 18 and bring with them a legal photo ID.

Aside from outfits you plan to shoot in, it's also a good idea to bring a decent pair of boots or sneakers for getting around locations. If it's warm out, bring bug repellant!