Angels in Ashes is a project devoted to the gothic-industrial culture, fashion, and alternative modeling. Primarily shot in abandoned buildings, the project aims to bring together the gothic-industrial underground in a provacative mixture of darkness, girls and metal.

The project will be released as a book series and will feature dozens of pages of beautiful models as well as interesting and often darkly hilarious backstories about the shoots.

If you're adventurous, have a taste for darkness, and the willingness to work with a mildly insane photographer, read the information below and get involved!


Does the shoot have to include nudity?

To some extent, yes. While the project is not pornographic, Angels in Ashes is a nude art project, so full nudity or topless is preferred. If you're only comfortable with implied nudity or even lingerie, that's fine as well.


Do I need to be experienced to work with you?

Absolutely not! In fact, a large number of the models I shoot have no prior experience with photography or modeling. I keep the photo shoots fun and pressure-free, so everyone, experienced or not, will enjoy their time.


Do I have to sign a contract/release form?

Yes. This is done for many reasons. First, it keeps all of the photo shoot plans on paper, which makes planning easy. Secondly, it's required for any use of the photos by myself or the client. Lastly, a release form with a copy of a valid ID and proof of age is required by law for any photo shoots that include any level of nudity.


Where do you do your photo shoots?

Photo shoots for Angels in Ashes are shot primarily in abandoned buildings. I have a few locations here in the Berkshires, but if you have a place you'd like to shoot at, I love traveling and exploring new places.


Is there payment involved?

The project is pretty much free. If I'm coming to you, I'll only need gas money. If you're coming to me, I'll pay your gas.


What should I bring to a shoot?

Please keep in mind that some sneaking is required when shooting in abandoned buildings. Keep your bags to an absolute minimum.

  • • one or more outfits.
  • • a valid state ID must be presented before the photo shoot begins.
  • • Props and accessories are always more than welcomed. The more accessories, the better, in most cases. Feel free to bring anything you think might look interesting. While we may not work with everything that gets taken along, it never hurts to have some options.
  • • Alternate clothes: If we're adventuring into an abandoned building, it's a good idea to wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty and just change into an outfit at the location.
  • • For the love of god, please have a sense of humor! I have a crazy sense of humor, so keep that in mind. Who doesn't enjoy laughing to death? I mean...don't ACTUALLY die, but you know. Have fun. If you have an encyclopedic knowledge of Star Wars, internet memes, Breaking Bad, or Invader Zim, we're probably going to get along just fine.

Can I bring my friend/escort/psychotic jealous boyfriend?

This is a tricky question. While I always like having people around, I don't know the people that clients want to bring. It could be a fun, useful friend...or it could be a jealous, drug-addict boyfriend that tries to steal all of my stuff (yeah, it's happened...several times). So if you want someone to tag along, please make sure they're not a distraction or crazy.

If we're going to be sneaking into an abandoned building for a photo shoot, I'd really prefer not to have extra people along since it makes it much more likely to be seen. I have never been caught entering abandoned buildings and I owe that to keeping my photo shoots to the bare minumum amount of people. Again, you can bring someone if you really want, but please let me know in advance.

For any other shoots, I'm open minded, so just ask first, please.


What if I'm running late or I have to cancel/reschedule?

If we have a shoot scheduled, I'll have the entire day cleared for that shoot, so running late isn't much of a problem. I'd appreciate a phone call or text to notify me, but I don't mind waiting a little.

If you have to cancel or reschedule, that's not a problem either. Just contact me and we'll make new plans as soon as we can.


How long before I receive my photos?

Processing of the digital images typically takes one to two weeks, depending on the nature of the shoot.


How will I receive my photos?

Once the photos are edited, they will be packaged into a .zip file and uploaded to a private folder on this website. You will be sent a link to access the file and download it.


How big are the photos?

Photos are 2048px on the long side. It's the best quality for Facebook and most other networking sites, but I can process them at any other sizes if requested.


Do you provide prints of photo shoots?


Printed photos can be included with any photo shoot. Sizes range from 4x6 to 24x36 and can be printed on paper types including glossy, matte, lustre, and metallic.

Prints can also be printed on metal for an amazing presentation. Pricing varies depending on size.

Please inquire about prints before the shoot.


What can and can't I do with my photos?

The photos you receive will be licensed to you for non-commercial personal use such as online portfolios, Facebook, and various other sites. By all means, feel free to post the photos anywhere you like. I'd prefer to be tagged or credited in the photos, but if you don't, it's not like I'll hire mercenaries to hunt you down or anything.

Stuff you CAN'T do:

  • • Print the photos yourself. They're copyrighted works, so any reproduction without the photographer's permission is illegal.
  • • Edit the photos. Under no circumstances may the photos you receive be edited, colored, or otherwise altered aside from cropping to fit in a Facebook or other site profile photo.
  • • Sell the photos. As the client only receives a license for non-commercial use, any sale of received images is in violation of copyright laws and the provisions of the signed contract/release form.

Why is there bacon in the soap?

I made it myself!